Professional Training Programs

A Professional Training Program using Sherry White with Hopeful Transitions is a win/win for you and for the professionals in your community. They are the perfect way to reach out to reach out and to network with professionals to create a referral base for the clients you serve. This is especially true in smaller communities. Even in larger communities, clergy, nurses, hospice and emergency personnel are not trained in the areas of grief and bereavement. They have limited exposure to information that allows them to serve those who are grieving.

If you are working to define your image and mark you place in the community, a Professional Training Program you will be able to build trust and develop positive relationships with those who serve the grieving. You will be recognized as the leader and resource for those who are looking for help as well as those who want to help, as people travel the grief journey.

Program themes and objectives can be personalized to help your organization accomplish your specific goals and objectives and address the needs of professionals in your community. A Professional Training Program is a very affordable way to touch many lives and promote your firm in a very positive way. Call 502-777-4934 or e-mail her today so we can discuss your needs and schedule your program.

Programs Presented by Sherry Williams White:

  • Are You Asking the Right QuestionsHow can you help families create meaningful memorials in spite of their choice for cremation for disposition of the body and still conduct a service that is beneficial for them and profitable for you? We will explore the questions that are asked in the arrangement conference and how to build a unique memorial tribute that tells the story of a life that has been loved.
  • Marketing your Firm through the Services you Provide – A program that can be adapted to fill a 45 min slot to two hours based on looking at creative ideas for networking in your community and marketing your firm on a tight budget. Creatively using word of mouth to build your business.
  • Raising the Awareness of Your Firm though Networking – This program takes a look at creative ways to network through other agencies and businesses to raise the awareness of your firm in the community as well as creative ways to advertise on a tight budget.
  • Aftercare Provider Certification – A two day certification program to help individuals learn the dynamics of grief and coping and teach them how to design, implement and facilitate a wide range of aftercare programs. See the outline below.
  • Beyond the Funeral – Aftercare in the new Millennium – this program will alert funeral service practitioners to the many challenges and changes facing them in this the new millennia. (Can be one to two hours) Click here to see program outline
  • Who Has Your Cheese? Creatively adapting to change – This program will explore the dynamics of change and ways to avoid becoming stressed because of change. Emphasis will be given to exploring and understand how change is necessary and how it helps us to think outside the box to increase employee productivity, consumer loyalty and improve your image within your community and working environment. (Must be 2 hours including break and can be 4 hours) Click here to see program outline
  • Surviving the super caregiver syndrome (or super nurse syndrome) – This program is designed to provide care for the caregivers while helping them learn skills that will develop their personal growth and management of stress. Participants will acquire skills to recharge their batteries, inspire staff members and improve staff morale during times of crisis. (Can be a 1,2,4, hours or all day program) Click here to see program outline
  • Beyond the Funeral – Understanding Grief and Its Myths- This program will explore the dynamics of the funeral process and how the funeral director can help those he serves travel their grief journey. It will include the fundamental philosophies of grief, grief and coping styles, emotional and physical grief reactions and a better understanding of the tasks of grief. (Can be a 1 or 2 hour program)
  • How to Catch a Fish in a Hurricane – Making a Serious Work Environment Enjoyable - This program is filled with lots of interaction and “inner action” Participants will learn team building and how to develop their personal plan for survival. They will learn that you can have fun at work even when the work is of a very serious and professional nature. (Must be at least 2 hours and can be a 4 hour program) Click here to see program outline
  • Growing Through Grief – This program is designed to help grieving individuals and those who serve them understand the process of grief and the many challenges they face. Participants will learn how the choices made during the grief journey can help them grow, develop a new normal and find hope in living. (Can be a one or two hour program) Click here to see program outline
  • Helping Families and Your Staff Deal With Traumatic and Sudden Death – This program is designed to help those who work with the grieving to be more effective when they are working with people who are faced with the traumatic or sudden unexpected death of a loved one. The different issues a family faced when the death is because of a trauma will be explored and you will learn how the heightened emotion of a trauma decreases the capacity for coping and why the need for information is so important at this time. (one or two hour format) Click here to see program outline
  • Holiday Help - This program can be for both the bereaved and those who serve them. The process of grief will be explored and we will examine why grief during the holidays seems to be intensified. It will demonstrate ways to be supportive of people grieving during this difficult time and what the grieving individual can do to include the memory of their loved ones in their rituals and traditions. (This is a two hour program) Click here for more information about this program
  • When Grief Comes to Your Church – a four hour workshop for developing and leading bereavement support programs in your church. The program includes a comprehensive workbook and handouts for your group. Click here to see program outline
  • Grief Support Facilitator - a one and one half day certification program to train grief support facilitators so they can run aftercare programs or lead grief support groups. Click here to see program outline

In addition to these programs, New Leaf Resources and Sherry Williams White are able to present programs on stress management, team building, and dealing with change. She will work with you to design programs that meet the specific goals and objectives of your organization. We will develop behavioral objectives and work to make the program fit into your format. Contact Sherry to discuss your organizations needs.   1-800-346-3087

Aftercare Provider Certification Program

Through the Hopeful Transitions and Sherry L. White, you and your staff can effectively learn to develop and implement a bereavement program for your community. Our two-day interactive workshop will help each participant learn:

  • The dynamics of grief
  • Grief coping strategies
  • How to facilitate grief with individuals and groups
  • About group dynamics
  • Listening and communications skills
  • Aftercare definition and principles
  • How to complete a community assessment
  • Material assessment skills
  • How to develop a program
  • Creative marketing and financing ideas
  • How to network in your community

Upon completion of the Aftercare Provider Certification Program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion that certifies participant as an aftercare provider by our agency, Hopeful Transitions, Funeral Directors can receive 12 contact hours by the Academy of Funeral Service Practice for attending this workshop.

Workshops are held in Louisville, Kentucky.  Sites will be set when classes are arranged with yoou or your organization.   If you have several people on staff who would like to receive certification, contact Sherry . White to learn how we can accommodate you and conduct training at your facility.

Registration Fee:
$500 for the first person*
$450 each for two or more people

Special rates are available for churches and non-profit organizations, contact, Sherry White - 502-777-4934 or for additional information or to schedule your training.

Fee includes:

Workbook and resources to help participant implement an aftercare program
Continental breakfast and break snacks

Lodging, lunch, dinner and travel are the responsibility of each participant.

Call 1-888-204-5993 for dates or sign up for our E-Newsletter for regular updates

* Scholarships available – Call to see if you qualify

All classes are held on a Friday and Saturday. You will need to fly or drive to Louisville on the Thursday prior to class because classes begin at 8:30am