Community Relations/Outreach Programs

Let  Sherry L. White with Hopeful Transitions help you build on the reputation you have already established, enhance your image and increase your market share by sponsoring a program that reaches your entire community through a Community Outreach Program. This is an easy and affordable way to reach those who are grieving.

Community Outreach Programs are a way to give something back to those who have supported and continue to support your business. They can be a way to say you are invested in the community and realize the needs of those you serve as well as the community at large in the areas of grief, trauma, disaster and the need to remember.

Sherry willl help you plan and promote a Community outreach program that will help those who are grieving in an easy and affordable way. A community program will help you enhance your image in the community and provide grieving people a better understanding of why they feel the way they do as you become known as a grief support resource in your community.

Two of our most popular programs are Holiday Help and Growing Through Grief, but she is happy to work with you to develop a program that meets your goals and objectives and address the needs of your community.

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Growing Through Grief

This special public relations program is designed to help grieving individuals and those who serve them understand the process of grief and the many challenges they face. Participants will learn how the choices made during the grief journey can help one grow, develop a new normal and find hope in living. Focus will be on understanding how the similarities between the seasons of the year and the tasks of mourning. Individuals will be taught the art of nurturing themselves and others so they can grow through the grief process.

This beautiful program is just the perfect program for an Easter Sunrise service or a special community grief program for Spring. It can be conducted outside at your cemetery or held in your funeral home, church, hotel of special events center.

Grieving individuals can no longer hide their pain in the warmth of the closed up house due to the weather. It is time to be out in the community facing the changing season and facing people who ask how they are doing when they really don’t know themselves.
They will learn:

  • The dynamics of grief
  • The physical side of grief
  • How we cope
  • Factors that influence grief
  • The Tasks of Mourning
  • Relationship between the Tasks of Mourning and the four seasons
  • Coping and healing power of ritual
  • Facing the challenges of change
  • Nurturing self and others
  • Closing ritual

Cost: $2000.00 plus expenses (travel, lodging and meals. Price includes; handouts and 100 gifts for attendees (additional gifts and handouts available for a minimal charge).

Holiday Help

This year you can help the families you have served and members of your community find hope during the one most stressful times of the year they will face after the death of a loved one.

Holiday Help is a beautiful program filled with helpful information about coping with grief during the holidays, finding ways to include the memories of your loved one in holiday traditions, and a memorial candle lighting service to celebrate lives lived and loved.

Through your sponsorship of Holiday Help, primary caregivers and grieving families in your community can:

Identify why grief seems more intense during the holidays
Learn coping skills to get them through the holiday season
Learn creative ways to integrate memories of their loved one into new family rituals and traditions
Get encouragement to embrace grief and all the pain and fear that come with it
Light a candle to commemorate and honor the life of a loved one.

Program Fee: $2000.00 plus expenses (travel/lodging/food)

Fee includes: 

  • Speakers fee for one day
  • Holiday Help instruction Manual to help you promote and maximize attendance
  • 100 Gifts/handouts for Program Participants

*We encourage you to consider co-sponsoring Holiday Help with another community group that may be conducting a memorial service, but not including a grief recovery portion to their program. Through joint planning and marketing efforts the program is sure to be a success and more affordable for both organizations.

Please click here to see excerpts from a Holiday Help program presented by Sherry Williams.